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flagpoles 1Our aluminium flagpoles are engineered for a lifetime of service – keeping your flag flying high.

Manufactured from a special alloy of high-grade aluminium that allows the poles to flex instead of bending and avoids cracking that can occur when off-the-shelf tubing is used.

The sizes are as follows: 2.25m, 3m, 4.5m and, 5m for wall mounting.  6m, 7.5m and 9m for ground mounting.

Wall poles are of single-piece construction with weather-resistant fittings and are supplied with heavy-duty galvanised steel mounting brackets to suit various installations.
Standard 6m and 7.5m high ground-mounted flagpoles are of two-piece construction with substantial tubular bushes giving an aesthetically pleasing look. The two-piece construction makes installation easier and allows for quick removal of the top section when the halyard has to be replaced.

The 9m flagpoles are of similar but heavier construction. The Standard pole is mounted over a galvanised steel pipe that is set directly into the ground. The deluxe model has a tabernacle made from aluminium channels bolted together with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The pole is then mounted in the tabernacle and can be raised and lowered without removing the top section. Our 9m deluxe flagpoles make a strong statement and are ideal for prestige installations.

We also have a 6m high Economy flagpole made of smaller diameter aluminium without the stepped appearance of our standard poles. This is the answer to budgetary restraints without sacrificing years of service.

All flagpoles can be supplied in mill finish (the natural aluminium finish as it comes from the mill) or can be white epoxy coated giving a smooth, attractive, hardwearing finish.
Our flagpoles can be fitted with Rotor Arms that allow flags to display fully even when there is no wind. This gives exposure to your message at all times. Our representatives can give you informed advice regarding suitable flagpoles for your requirements and our installation team has the experience and know-how to erect the poles efficiently and neatly anywhere in the Western Cape. We also have detailed instructions to help you do the job yourself.